Julian Woolford Theatre Director and Writer


Julian Woolford is the author of a number of plays and musicals.
Julian writes Musical Theatre with composer Richard John.
Go to www.woolfordandjohn.com to find much more about their work together.

Many of the titles on this page can be licensed for amateur or professional performance.
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A Play with Music by Julian Woolford

Performed at Above The Stag from 17 August - 4 September 2011
Kenneth More Theatre March 2011
First produced: Cochrane Theatre  June 2007

From a unique perspective rarely explored in war based drama, Julian Woolford‘s  piece tells the story of an all-female volunteer entertainment troupe, The BlueBirds, who aim to defy the tragedies of World War II with their energetic and catchy routines to wartime classics such as “Accentuate the Positive” and “Chattanooga Choo Choo”.


Fast-paced and, at its climax, very moving indeed, BlueBirds will leave you misty eyed and marvelling at the strength of the British bulldog spirit
Boyz Magazine


Nostalgia Rules...such a feel good show that it was hard not to sing along to the numbers used as part of the score...Go and see this and become lucky people
QX magazine


Developed through conversations with wartime performers, the show counterpoints the lives of its characters against songs from the period, creating a performance that is heartfelt, tragic and funny.

Each of the characters has a strong story and a solo or duet musical spot, creating a perfect showcase for a cast. The show is also flexible in its structure, and offers many opportunities for performers. 

Cast: 11 women, 2 men (minimum, can be expanded)
Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes


An Entertainment by Julian Woolford

Edinburgh Festival 2011:
Assembly George Square 1 from 3rd to 28th August at 6.30pm daily.

Feb 4th 1987 - Liberace, Mr Showmanship, arrives at the pearly gates.
Will Saint Peter and the Angels let him in, or damn him to hell?

Tonight - Liberace plays for his life...his eternal life!

Bobby Crush stars as Liberace.


Music and Songwords by Lionel Bart   New Book by Julian Woolford

Julian was recently commissioned by the Estate of Lionel Bart to rewrite to Book for Bart's infamous musical.

The new version is currently in development. More details available soon.


Libretto by Julian Woolford     Music by Richard John

Latitude Festival
16 & 17 July 2009

Commissioned by Theatre 503 as part of the Urban Scrawl project, Terminal Four Play will soon be available as a podcast.

At Heathrow Airport a young man's security check takes an unexpected turn...

Cast: Victoria Hamilton Barritt, Noel Sullivan

Click here for more information about Terminal Four Play


Book and Lyrics by Julian Woolford    Music by Richard John
From the novel by E. Nesbit

3 - 31 December 2005
Sevenoaks Playhouse

Cast: Paul Henry, Susannah Fellows, Nicholas Smith, Charles Shirvell, Emily Bull,  Lucy Brushett, Rachel Bartholomeusz, Karen Clegg, Chris Crompton, Brendan Cull, Neil Ditt, Maria Holley, Claire Taylor.           


'Would not look out of place in the West End' Sevenoaks Chronicle

'The unique ballads, chorus numbers and up-tempo pieces certainly boost the production.'
The Stage

The musical has since been published by Samuel French Ltd and is released for performance by professional and amateur theatres.

The Original Cast Recording is released on the JAY label and is available as a CD and on iTunes.

The Railway Children has been produced by many companies in the UK and across the world.

Cast: 5 men, 5 women plus a chorus of children. Can be expanded.
Two Acts

Click here for more information about The Railway Children including licensing details.


Book and Lyrics by Julian Woolford    Music by Richard John
From the novel by Kenneth Grahame

8 December 2004 - 3 January 2005

Sevenoaks Playhouse


Cast:  Mark Little, Geoffrey Davies, Andrew Hall, Neil Couperthwaite, Keth Bookman, Gareth Derrick, Rebecca Louis, Jill Pert, Gavin Wilkinson

'Sevenoaks Playhouse, under its artistic director Julian Woolford, has been steadily building a reputation for quality theatre…Good natured and full of fun…John’s jaunty music, along with Woolford’s lyrics, play an effective part in the show’s storytelling…It should certainly make you smile.'
The Times

Click here for more information about Wind In The Willows including licensing details.

Cast: 7 men, 2 women plus a chorus of children. Can be expanded.
Two Acts


Book and Lyrics by Julian Woolford    Music by Stuart Hutchinson    

Theatre North at Victoria Hall, Settle
18 - 22 December 2001

 Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale is given an exciting fresh treatment in this family musical.


by Craig Adams, Camilla Arnold, Julie Atherton, Greg Castiglioni, Michelle Connolly, Jaime Farr, Edward Gower, James Hadden, Barnaby Latham, Oliver Marshall, Melitsa Nicola, Philip Sutton, Emma Tapley, Gavin Wilkinson and Julian Woolford

Cochrane Theatre
25 - 29 May 1999

Let Him Have Justice

28 January 1953
The nation holds its breath as an execution takes place.
Derek Bentley hangs for a crime he did not commit.
British justice will never be the same again.

This powerful new musical dramatises the life, death and legacy of Derek Bentley.

'A documentary musical about the Derek Bentley case can scarcely fail: the plain unvarnished facts of this appalling affront to natural justice are in themselves living drama.  The best of many good things about this collective undertaking...is that these facts are indeed unvarnished, presented in good, plain English without a whiff of "creative writing"...Strange how potent musical theatre can be."  Rodney Milne, The Times.

Cast album on JAY records



by Julian Woolford

Tristan Bates Theatre
May 1997

Ebeneezer Scrooge is re-imagined as a record producer who won't lend Bob Geldof a studio to record Feed The World. That night he is visited by three poptastic ghosts and taken on a journey that will change his life forever.  A Christmas compilation musical, Oh Carol! features songs from the 60s, 80s and 90s and draws inspiration from Charles Dickens' famous story.

Oh Carol! won the Covent Garden Festival Search for a New Musical and was presented at the Tristan Bates Theatre.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs programme coverSNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS

by Marina Caldarone and Julian Woolford 

Songs by Julian Woolford

2 December 1995 - 27 January 1996

Queen's Theatre Hornchurch

A Christmas treat not to be missed

Cast: Darren Johnson, Lyndsey Bushell,
Jon Clairmonte, Kim Ismay, Eddy Seager, Carole Read, Mel Dixon, Jon Key, Mark Lisle, Katie Purvis, Mark Northover

Cinderella programme cover


by Marina Caldarone and Julian Woolford 

Songs by Julian Woolford

2 December 1995 - 27 January 1996

Queen's Theatre Hornchurch

Everyone's favourite family pantomime

Cast: Rachel Stanley, Ruby Snape, Hugh Futcher, Kinny Gardner, Alastair S MacMillan, Luisa Cusano,
Jill Pert, Andrew Lynford

Subsequently presented by Mountview Theatre School, Christmas 1998


by Marina Caldarone and Julian Woolford 

Songs by Julian Woolford

3 December 1994 - 28 January 1995

Queen's Theatre Hornchurch

A poor boy makes his way to London to see if the streets are paved with gold - but that's just the start of his journey

Cast: Alison Egan, Colin Marsh, Martyn Waites, Jennifer Scott Malden, Robert Longden, Richard Brightiff, Jacqui Dubois, Robert Horwell, Nikki Shaw

Subsequently presented by Mountview Theatre School, Christmas 1999.

Aladdin programme cover


by Marina Caldarone and Julian Woolford 

Songs by Julian Woolford

4 December 1993 - 29 January 1994

Queen's Theatre Hornchurch

Don't stop believing dreams can come true and miracles happen to you

Cast: Tim Kirkus, Robert David, Michael Goron, Anita Pashley, Peter Shorey, Andrew Lynford, Alison Rufelle, Sharon D Clarke, Steve Edwin.


by Julian Woolford

Bristol Old Vic Basement
October 1992

The Oedipus Complex tells the story of the forgotten characters of the House of Thebes, drawing startling parallels between the family and the children of modern infamous celebrities.