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"The English Theatre of Hamburg's production of Mrs Warren's Profession is a tour de force that sweeps the audience away...This action is carefully  and dramatically woven together so well by the brilliance of the script, the acting and the directing by Julian Woolford that the audience can sit back  and be completely immersed in the clash of the characters and the moral issues they raise" Hamburg Express  


"At the English Theatre, director Julian Woolford distils the heart of the piece - hypocrisy and selfishness - perfectly. With each character sharply delineated, in this highly professional ensemble, Woolford controls the dialogue, emphasising the wit, but also the drama of the piece. He unmasks the protagonists, all of which look reputable, but reveal another side...This is Shaw at his most perfectly legitimate." Die Welt

"The English Theatre revives this pearly of British comedy in a compelling and accurate staging by Julian Woolford" Hamburger Abendblatt  




"To heaven with a standing ovation!

An unseen St Peter, voiced by Stephen Fry, tells Liberace he has to convince the jury of angels before him - yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's you and me - that he deserves to enter the pearly gates...It's not a deep show, but it is a fun, loud, sparkling, glorious show that had feet tapping, hands clapping and heads nodding...hellishly funny!"

Marlborough Express

"By the end of the show I had thoroughly enjoyed learning about Liberace, his music, his costumes, his showmanship and his audience appeal. That appeal was evident among the crowd that flocked to see this show. Liberace Live From Heaven s a devilishly good show."

Taranaki Daily News








By Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II

Direction and set design by Julian Woolford

"Fortunately for fans of musical theatre, Oklahoma lives again. Julian Woolford's production is fast moving and energetic and Chris Hocking's choreography is dynamic.
Oklahoma is a happy show and a perfect feelgood factor fix whose songs you will be singing long after you have driven home." Yorkshire Post


“This production of Oklahoma! is without question, a bright golden haze of a show packed with memorable performances from all involved and so provides an evening's entertainment to rival anything currently on the road...a rich, vibrant, exquisitely choreographed toe-tapper of a show, crammed with more recognisable show-stoppers than many its peers put together."
The Stage

All singing and all dancing, it's a mightily impressive show...With impressive sets, colourful costumes and those rip-roaring songs, it's a real treat. Catch it while you can.
Liverpool Echo


West End star Marti Webb heads an all-round spectacular cast and her star quality seems to have rubbed off on the bright young talent around her. Mark Evans ticked all the right boxes as happy go-lucky-cowboy Curley. Vocally he was an absolute delight from the moment he opened the show with Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’. His love interest Laurey – played by Gemma Sutton – had an exquisite voice too.
The sets, the costumes, and the fabulously choreographed dance routines – especially Laurey’s breathtaking ensemble dream scene, rival any West End show. Be sure not to miss it!”
Daily Echo – Bournemouth

Photos: Robert Workman

“This production wins through by the sheer energy and enthusiasm of its young cast and the simple but effective set design (also by Julian Woolford), which successfully conjures the atmosphere and conditions of the time in which it is set, without dominating and detracting from the simplicity of the plot. Mark Evans was a revelation as Curly...vocally he was a delight and delivered a strong and believable performance. The pairing with Gemma Sutton also vocally superb created a beautiful and believable romance with energy and chemistry between them. Pete Gallagher was also excellent as the brooding Jud Fry. Leading the cast as matriarch Aunt Eller Marti Webb has enormous stage presence, and brought warmth, charm and feisty-ness to proceedings....the rousing ‘Farmer and the Cowman’ ....allowed her to deliver the powerhouse performance we have come to expect.”


Written and Directed by Julian Woolford

"Brilliantly entertaining...fabulous fun" Whatsonstage.com

"It's spooky! Bobby Crush channels Liberace at his glittermost, complete with gleaming grin, blinding bling and camp candelabra... star-spangled entertainment with some great gags from Victoria Wood's stroppy God."
Roger Foss, The Steve Allen Show, LBC 97.3


"Julian Woolford’s mischievous tribute to the entertainer who raised the art of camp to absurd new heights...Forced to defend his reputation - and his habit of concealing his true sexuality - before the Almighty, he throws himself on the mercy of the audience to vote on his ultimate destination - Heaven or Hell." The Times


"As the story of this amazing American superstar unfolded I realised what a very, very talented actor Bobby Crush had become. Bobby’s delivery was excellent, his ad-libs to the enthusiastic audience were a joy to behold, and appeared very original with perfect comic timing, and his cross-dialogue with the recorded voices of Stephen Fry(playing St. Peter) and Victoria Wood(in the role of God!!!) was the ideal way of recalling the life story of Liberace and how it was unsure whether or not he should go to heaven….or down below!...after receiving a standing ovation with screams and cheers for ‘more’, it was obvious that the vote would be a positive one. I can thoroughly recommend it as a great evening out,..Definitely a night to remember … and I hope it goes on tour!"

Encore Magazine